February 13, 2016

Thriving After the Fire

We're okay 

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, concerns and calls. It means so much to us. We're getting pretty hugged out, but the good news is we're quite busy . . . 

We're cleaning up

We first got into the store to start cleaning up in late-January and it's been quite mess, but we've had some great help and white-hard-hat team has made lots of progress.

We're coming back

Stay tuned for more news . . . 

How you can help

It's hard to keep up with phone calls and text messages at this time, so email is a great way to make sure we hear you and can get back with you.

IF YOU HAVE A PROJECT UNDER DISCUSSION WITH RICH, then please email us immediately. We can get to almost all the same wonderful offerings we had in the store before.

Like our new Facebook page and stay tuned for more information.


Rich and the Niche Team


February 10, 2013

First Post

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